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World Innovation Forum Kuala Lumpur 2014 VIP Door Gifts

Kuala Lumpur, November 2013


At this year’s forum, each delegate IS GIVEN a uniquely designed Vertical Garden Bag made from upcycled banners, the first of many more sustainable corporate gifts made by Biji-biji.

These eco-friendly convertible bags can be transformed into a compartmentalised organisational storage to be used indoors. Together with Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia, a skills transfer workshop on the bag design was conducted with members from Generating Opportunities for Learning Disabled (GOLD) Foundation. Members from the foundation were part of making the bag, providing them with skills and and a means to employment.

Biji-biji Initiative was tasked to produce 2,000 hand made VIP bags for the delegates that came with a some souveniers from Malaysia.

Whats all the fuss?

Now let's talk about waste. PVC banners - what happens to them after an event is over? Most banners are discarded after use, with no effective way to recycle them. These non-biodegradable items often end up in the landfill. Today, 21% of all Malaysia’s waste consists of plastics, ranking it second highest in the world. Each Biji-Biji banner bag is made from 60% recycled PVC banners, and other few little things which completes this awesome design! PVC banners are made to be resilient through all weather conditions, so they’re tough and easy to handle. And the best part is, this material is totally waterproof! The durable banner is UV-protected and resistent towards wear and tear  This gives it all the right qualities to be made into a bag. 

Will you be part of the solution?

The Instruction Manual

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These bags made from waste materials – discarded PVC advertising banners and car seat belts. Young adults with learning disabilities from the GOLD Foundation made the bags in collaboration with Biji-biji. This project alone saved 1888m2 of banners from the landfill. Equipped with conscious and thoughtful designing, the bag can be converted into a storage display to organise your household items, or a hanging vertical ‘planters box’. The bag also contained a pack of seeds for delegates to experiment with! Seeds are provided courtesy of our beautiful friends at Eats, Shoots & Roots who are a permaculture based social enterprise in Malaysia revolutinizing urban farming and sustainable living.

Our products are made to promote sustainable living and environmental conciousness. 

Bag Reviews

'"I received a very unique conference bag designed by Biji Biji and made by the children with learning disabilities from Gold Foundation.  Guess what this recycle bag is made from discarded advertising banners and car seat belts. The best part is I can open up and close by removing the string from the side and I can use the bag in a few ways such as bag, for plant, to organize stationery and toiletries."

Sunshine Kelly Blogger )



Sustainability Indicators


  Total Materials Upcycled         :                                          

  Community Engaged     :   


Banners - 0.5 metric ton            

Seat belts - 25 kg                   

  GOLD Foundation 

Together with Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia and children from GOLD Foundation, we worked on developing the conference bags for the event. The bag is made of bunting banners collected around KL, along with car seat belt 'off-cuts' as the handle. The conference bag can be opened up and converted into a vertical-garden, or a multipurpose storage space. Delegates were encouraged to come up with the most creative way of using their bags and hashtag their picture to #WIFKLbag.

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