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About Us / Biji-Biji

The Biji-biji Initiative is a social enterprise that aims to share progressive ideas with everyone. We champion sustainable living, reuse waste creatively and we love collaborative production! By using discarded materials we aim to inspire our surrounding with fresh and fun approaches to sustainable living. 

Without compromising our design quality and passion for fashion, we are a collective that is serious about creating functional and beautiful bag designs.

Realising the solutions a business could bring to social and environmental issues, we seek to adopt approaches that would today be considered "alternatives" to a typical manufacturing process. Alternatives that bring about more positive social and environmental impact rather than negative. 

Our Values

  • We design sustainable solutions aiming to create or enhance positive economic, social and environmental impacts.
  • We capture value of discarded waste materials through incorporating them in products and services offered.
  • We help raise awareness amongst the general public and to inspire a society that is accountable for their waste.


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We provide a holistic approach in all engagements through utilizing Biji-biji Initiative Sustainability Framework.

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