15 April 2019
4 Sustainable Conscious Brands to Know In Malaysia
by: edition KLFW

At Biji-Biji Design all of their products are made using at least 45% upcycled materials, prioritizing sourcing of their accessories (eg: zips, grommets, buckles etc) locally and domestically first before venturing out to overseas suppliers. The cutting, sewing and product manufacturing is done locally in their workshop along Jalan Ipoh, thus allowing them to efficiently control the quality and quantity of their products.


13 April 2019
Seeds of change in sustainable wear
by: The Star Online

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur collaborated with Biji-biji to bring an exciting pop-up store to Tokyo Street, Level 6. It is an exciting addition to the retail mix at the award-winning Tokyo Street and serves as a platform to promote awareness about the global waste problem through fashion.

5 April 2019
All The Eco-Friendly Activities At Pavilion Kuala Lumpur To Celebrate Earth Day
by: Yi-Di Ng, FEMALE Magazine

For the first time, Biji-biji Ethical Fashion and Pavilion have collaborated to open a pop-up store on Level 6 in front of Tokyo Street where you can experience their latest collection of sustainable fashion.


4 April 2019
News I 旧衣物、新生命 谁会想到这时尚包包的原身是什么?!
by: Belle Ong, iFeel

对于这些被遗弃的衣物,在我们眼里可能真的不算什么,但是在 BIJI-BIJI Ethical Fashion 团队眼里就成了宝物!



7 August 2018

Norashahera Mertens, 32, Head of Biji-Biji Ethical Fashion
by: CLEO Team, CLEO

Norashahera Mertens set the slow fashion bar high when the organisation she heads received the World Fair Trade Organisation Membership. Serious about ethical fashion, the head of Biji-Biji Ethical Fashion believes that the stereotype that only men can be leaders is a significant barrier towards female leadership. To Nora, failures are just works-in-progess, and that you should learn from your mistakes. You should never give up!


19 May 2018

Recycling GE14 campaign materials into bags and stuff
by: Sheila Sri Priya, The Star Online

THE exciting 14th general election that occupied most conversations for more than a month is over and candidates from all parties have since then been given two weeks to remove bunting, banners and posters used during the campaigning period. It seems wasteful to throw away these campaign materials as it cost quite a bit to print them and the bulk of waste will only burden our already strained landfills.


22 February2018
From Trash to Treasure
by: Eris, going places

Norashahera Haleem, 31, who heads the fashion arm of Biji-biji, said it all began when one of the four co-founders was asked to make 1,000 innovative and environmentally sustainable bags for an event. They came up with the idea of turning event banners into tote bags that could be unfurled to become vertical planters. It was an immediate hit, earning them funding to launch Biji-biji in 2013.


26 Ocktober 2017

Kimono Vintaj Berubah kepada Beg & Pakaian Kontemperori
by:Asmawi Hadzri, Kaki Sini

Biji-biji merupakan sebuah perusahaan yang dipacu oleh impak sosial, berpusat di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tidak berkompromi pada rekaan, kualiti dan minat terhadap fesyen; mereka ialah pengumpul fesyen yang serius dalam menghasilkan rekaan beg dan pakaian yang cantik dan berfungsi sempurna.



13 Ocktober 2017

MATRADE Harap Peruntukan Promosi Eksport Ditambah
by: Nasuha Badrul Huzaini, Berita Harian

KUALA LUMPUR: Perbadanan Pembangunan Perdagangan Luar Malaysia (MATRADE) berharap kerajaan akan mempertimbangkan cadangan untuk menambah peruntukan promosi eksport produk gaya hidup dalam Bajet 2018.



27 August 2017

Sowing Seeds of Sustainability through Fashion & Education
by: Lydia Koh, The Sunday Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 27 — Started about four years ago, Biji-Biji is an initiative that promotes sustainable living. The founders, Rashvin Pal Singh, Zoe Victoria, Azam Hisham and Gurpheet Dhillon, all shared the same vision to do something that is kinder to Mother Earth. Today, they have 40 people in the team including interns and volunteers.



18 May 2017

Buro Tries: Making an upcycled pouch with Biji-biji Initiative
By: Rachel Au, BURO.

The Buro 24/7 Malaysia team had a month-long discovery on sustainability and all the areas it encompasses. From vegetable-tanned leather to going plastic-free for a week to searching the best luxe eco-resorts for our next (green) escape in Asia, it truly opened our eyes and has become one of the things we truly stand for. Did you know Buro 24/7 founder Miroslava Duma has recently launched Fashion Tech Lab as well?


4 January 2017

Sowing Seeds of Sustainability
by Rachel Law, The Sun Dailly

Not many may know that the Biji-biji Initiative’s very first big project was one related to fashion. Considering that the social enterprise is known for championing sustainable living, and the fashion trade’s notoriety as the world’s second largest polluter, it may seem pretty ironic.



20 October 2016

Introducing: Biji-Biji Conscious Fashion Accessories
by Ng Su Ann, Time Out Kuala Lumpur

Biji-biji Initiative began with an aim to increase awareness on sustainable living. Beyond its belief in do-it-yourself principles and practices, its founders are focused on enabling the people around them to execute ideas, and then to come up with their own solutions of sustainability.



16 July 2013

Donate Ideas to Help the Disadvantaged
by Jarod Lim, The Star Onlline

The proverb, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, best describes the ‘Donate Your Idea’ workshop organised for the disabled community.



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