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The Seat Belts

Biji-biji sources seat belts from local seat belt manufacturers. Our procurement team purchases seat belts in bulk.

Each bag comprise a mixture of seat belts that are:

- excessively produced
- factory off cuts
- safety reject

- color defect

Due to strict auditing policies, each bag is packed with various qualities and colors with no selection privileges. The bags are then brought back to our workshop where we will roll them up for storage. Our designer will work with the production team to carefully measure, cut and sew the seat belts side by side on lining before making them! We opt to work with seat belts because of its durability.

Also, we believe that it is one of the best materials out there to replace leather!


The Banners  

Transforming used banners into functional bags takes place in our workshop at Jalan Ipoh. Majority of the banners we have collected by the collaboration with advertising and event companies and other companies that are committed to reduce their banner wastes. Biji-biji have also signed a memorandum of understanding between companies like PICO to re-purpose their banners after an event is over.

Banners received are first roughly sorted and stacked according to sizes. Our production team will fashion each bag individually by tracing out their templates to cut out the coolest designs to date! Print placement is done with lots of love and thought, resulting in banner bags that are unique in its own way.

Just in case you're wondering, yes we do produce waste as well. To solve this, off cut banners are sewn into portable ashtray, pouches or the Mimosa.

Our main aim is to raise awareness about textile landfill and to showcase creative ways to reuse waste materials.


The Felt 

We reclaim felt material that is often used as carpets for indoor events. These fabrics are discarded overstocks that would have mounted a landfill. Some of them are only used temporarily for a mere 3 days! Hence, we've decided to adopt felt into our extended family to continue its precious lifespan. The material is sorted, cleaned and designed by our team before the full production.

Results? Check it out.


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