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Design Thinking with Genovasi

Excuse me, a sleeve for my laptop please?

Arms getting sore from carrying around your laptop like a little baby? We have got just the thing. The idea sparked from our first experiments with the durability of seatbelts and a request from our friends at Genovasi for a sleek gift for stylish corporate proffesionals. We love using creative ideas to repurpose waste materials into beautiful and useful products. What is waste is only in the perception of the beholder.

The Biji-biji Slim Weave Seat Belt Laptop Bag was a result having our our own design "pow wow" as we tried to  imagine what could be useful for 100 business leaders who were undergoing a Design Thinking workshop. ! The result, a highly durable (& its super cool, come on) laptop sleeve to bring around for the working person.

Also comes in various sizes . Wink.


A laptop case in the making... You just need a few meters of seat belts, a bunch of creative hands and a pinch of patience.

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