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Where does Biji-biji ship from? How long will it take?

Biji-biji ships from our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Delivery time often depends on where we ship to.

Your products are quite pricey. Why is that so?

All of our products are not produced in large quantities. Moreover, most of the items are handmade and are very labour intensive. Hence the retail prices reflect the material and fair wage labour costs.

Where do you get your materials from?

For more information on materials, kindly visit our materials page

How do I clean the bags?

Recommended to use a damp cloth and cleaning detergent. Gently wipe them on the surface of the bags to remove stains and impurities. Set to dry.

Where do you stock? Do you have a shop where I can buy your products?

Yes, we do. You can come to our Me.reka Makerspace or please visit other stockist page for more information.

Can I make a custom order? How much would it be?

Of course! The price will be reflected in the additional materials, accessories, design and workmanship you'd like to customise. Kindly email for further assistance.

Does Biji-biji only sell bags? What do you do other than retail?

Biji-biji bags is the sister brand of a larger organisation called Biji-biji Initiative. Apart from fashion & retail, Biji-biji also does sustainable events, educational workshops, art installations, furniture buildings to cater specific needs for each clientele. For more information, do check out

I'm interested to volunteer! How do I sign up?

Kindly send in your CV and resumes to and we'll be in touch!

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