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Donate Your Idea

Donate Your Idea

"A workshop to ignite the creativity and inventiveness of the disabled communities to enable them in creating a sustainable income. "

-Mohd Aziph-

CEO of Yayasan Innovasi Malaysia 2014

 Open Design

  • Designed by the Public, for the Public.
  • Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia adopts the design for their upcoming conference.
  • It is the start of Biji-biji's journey as an open source proponent in Malaysia



Circular Economy

  • What was once thrown in the landfillls might have a chance for a 2nd life.

  • The design can be made anywhere around the world with just a sewing machine and a few simple materials.





Community Engagement

  • Kids from Gold Foundation are invited to come on board a special project (pvc banner upcycling) that is of national concern
  • In this workshop they are to design and create a bag using a simple set of tools and of course banners!
  • Biji-biji then develops the design futher into a final product.

What is Donate your Idea?


Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) and a social enterprise startup, Biji-biji Initiative launched the “Donate Your Idea” program which will see prolific designers waiving their Intellectual Property for the benefit of communities with disabilities in need.

The event hosted a production workshop attended by 20 members of the Generating Opportunity for Learning Disability Foundation (GOLD) that consists of children with learning disabilities, single mothers and members of the Rohingya community. They were given training in production of innovative designs to empower them in attaining a sustainable livelihood.

Biji-biji Initiative and YIM aspire to take this concept to greater lengths, connecting ideas donated by prolific craftsmen, designers or engineers of many different brands to various more communities in need, empowering them with the feat of collaboration and sustainability rather than the depletive donations of funds/materials. Biji-biji Initiative will also connect the products to the right retail channels, enabling the participants to gain access to the right markets.

We hope that this workshop will ignite the creativity and innovativeness of the disabled communities and they will be able to benefit from it in creating sustainable income. 


Iris Banner Folders


This upcycled banner folders has been skilfully produced using discarded PVC advertising banners. We make this with the aim to raise awareness and to find creative solutions for the global waste problem. Thank you for being part of the solution. Due to our upcycling method, our Banner products come in various patterns subject to the banners available, making each a unique, one-of-a-kind item! 

  • Size A4 
  • Handcrafted and sourced in Malaysia

Support The Banner Bag Project. Get very own Biji-biji Iris now!

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