Recommend Biji-biji Products and Earn Commission

How it works

The Biji-biji Affiliate Program allows you to recommend Biji-biji products on your social media using a unique URL and code to earn commission for each purchase made by your followers. For each purchase made through with your unique code. you will earn a 10% sales commission while your follower will receive a 10% off discount! There is no commission cap or limit, so the more purchases made through your URL or with your code, the more commission you earn.

Who qualifies?

Anyone with enthusiasm for fashion, ethical fashion or sustainability can participate in this program. Your must have at least one active and public social media account in either Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or etc. As the positions available in this program is currently limited, we will consider the amount of followers on your account, the content you share and other factors.

*By applying for the Biji-biji Affiliate Program, you agree to our terms and conditions here.

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