First look: Biji-biji x Nakakoma Orimono

First look: Biji-biji x Nakakoma Orimono

November 02, 2017

Hey everyone! Our Biji-biji X Nakakoma Orimono Collection launched on the 13th October at the Biji-biji X Nakakoma Orimono Mini-fest held at Me.reka Makerspace, Publika!

Since the last time, we’ve moved HQ’s to Cheras and set-up a new education space at Me.reka Makerspace- a textile lab for all you designers and makers!  

So let’s pick up where we left off, as we share with you the next part of the Biji-biji X Nakakoma Orimono story.

After Miss Nakajima’s visit, she sent us a box full of marvelous kimonos and obi belts yukata - we couldn’t wait open the box and start deconstructing them into something new! There were so many beautiful kimonos that it was hard to choose which one to repurpose first! Here's a snap of Ardi, our fashion intern feeling psyched after opening just one box.

Intern opening a box of kimono

We decided to do 4 looks and 6 bags. As for looks, we wanted to have a mixture of traditional wear and ready-to-wear pieces for the everyday clothing. The result ended in having one Baju kurung, one asymmetrical Top, One oversized top with pleated sleeves and a two-piece tank top and skirt. 

Kimono upcycled collection

For every look we started with unpicking the lining from the kimono as the lining material had such a great quality that it can be used on its own. After patternmaking and tracing of our desired design onto the kimono, we started cutting and sewing. For the asymmetrical top, we used the front and collar part of the kimono as a panel for our top.  As for the other outfits we used different parts of each kimono to make the look as unique as the kimono itself. 

Kimono repurpose
Ardi and Ashfaq working

For the bags, we tried to keep the Biji-biji style but add an oriental spice to it and make something new out of it. We used our current bags such as Peony or Camelia and added stripes or patches of kimono and used the kimono for the lining to give a colorful surprise to our customers. We also received some fascinating Obi belts (which are worn as belts around the waist) and Yukata (a casual Kimono, worn mostly during spring and summer) from Miss Nakajima and were mostly turned into clutches as the belt itself already has structure which creates a great look for the bag.

Biji-biji Nakakoma ORIMONO kimono Mimosa coin pouch sling bag clutch

We were eagerly waiting for Miss Nakajima to come and check out the final result. On that day we were quite nervous, since it was our first time using such valuable products and materials in our designs. As soon as Miss Nakajima arrived and looked at the finished products, she was in tears of joy to have finally seen her imagination come true  - we were so relieved and thrilled to do this project successfully and help Miss Nakajima to get what she wants.

This is a group picture of our biji biji staff wearing the kimono outfits!

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